R.I.G. (Rescue Instructor's Guide

Pat Rhodes Rope Rescue Book Cover

A Practitioner’s Study: About Rope Rescuerepresents best practices in the rope rescue trade as seen through the eyes of international instructor and D2000 Rescue Services Manager – Pat Rhodes. This book includes three major sections; Management Level of Rope Rescue; Operations Level Rigging; and Technician Level Rigging. Reliable and applicable rigging physics is a central theme throughout this book. In the Management Level many factors are addressed that contribute to the success of a rope rescue incident and to the sustainable growth of a rescue program. The Operations Level looks at the nuts and bolts of rigging including: a robust chapter on knot craft; extensive anchor aptitude development, comprehensive treatment of belay systems and the many devices and techniques associated with belaying; Mainline issues associated with lowering and raising system; new and refreshing litter configurations; and vertical mobility. The Technician Level digs into the the reasons behind the actions, plus, the exploration of more advance techniques as seen in various highline systems, and mid-wall pick-offs. In this section the reader will find a detailed presentation of rigging physics, including vector analysis, friction basics, compression/tension, and torque. From the apprentice to the journeyman rescuer; highly beneficial rigging knowledge for all levels of expertise is available in this book.

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The focus of RescueRIG is to promote a higher understanding of rigging as it is used throughout the world in working at height and vertical rescue.  This mission extends from the basic and specific needs of industrial rescue teams to the rigging physics that is required to perform at the most demanding levels of advance rope access. - Pat Rhodes - 

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